Painless heat treatment

Papiopad creates a local fever at the site of the wart.

The immune system and the body is activated

which tackles the HPV virus at the cellular level.

Natural treatment

Papiopad is a natural treatment method without corrosive

fabrics and without wounds. The liquid is a saline solution

which only provides the heat, the body does the rest!


When the pads are used up you can wash away the liquid,

the crystals through the residual waste and the metal clicker

and plastic remove the cover via the PMD.


Papiopad is reusable by boiling the pads in a pan

with water. By this the pads will be rinsed from

virus-cells. The pads can be used up to 50 times.

Why Papiopad?

Papiopad is a
painless heat treatment

it attacks the infection
at cellular level

no corrosive substances,
no freezing and no wounds

up to 50 times


“After months of unsuccessful tipping with nitrogen and a doctor who did not come up
with working alternatives, I tried Papiopad with my 6 year old daughter for a stubborn
wart on her finger. Completely painless and successfully! Now completely wart free.”